How Therapist & DEI Experts Can Add

5-6 Figure Corporate

Speaking Contracts​

As A Revenue Stream Even If

You Haven’t Been Paid A

Lot To Speak Previously!

How Therapist & DEI Experts Can Add

5-6 Figure Corporate

Speaking Contracts​

As A Revenue Stream

Even IfYou Haven’t Been

Paid A Lot To Speak


I am hosting a private training to teach wellness and DEI experts how to break into the billion-dollar speaking industry. I have helped several professionals in both fields start and grow their speaking services. This is for you if:

  • You are a therapist or other wellness profession and you are interested in landing 5-6 figure corporate speaking contracts​

  • You are a DEI expert or speaker and are seeking to land a 5-6 figure speaking contract

  • You are curious about growing your speaking business with corporate contracts and want to learn what that looks like.

  • You are wondering whether speaking could be added as a revenue stream for your already  thriving business

This webinar is by invite-only. If you are on this landing page it means that you have been invited to attend! Register ASAP as we plan for this to be an intimate masterclass.


Also, make every effort to attend live as that’s the best way to maximize this opportunity!


Ashley Kirkwood


Ashley Kirkwood is an international speaker and award-winning lawyer. She quickly scaled her law firm to represent small to large businesses across the United States. Not only did she use speaking to scale her trademarking law firm, Mobile General Counsel, but she is a sought after speaker on college campuses an corporations around the country.


Through her Podcast and Facebook Group, both of which are called, “Speak Your Way To Cash,” Ashley has helped thousands of speakers learn about the speaking industry. She demystifies and teaches strategies that focus on helping speakers grow their speaking businesses.


Ashley has been recognized as a thought leader by media outlets galore, including FORBES, Crain's Chicago Business, Black Enterprise, The Chicago Tribune and more! Not to mention, she previously sat on the board at the University of Illinois that determines who to hire for on-campus student activities! She has been on the hiring side of the industry and the talent side. She will use all of her experience to help you level up your speaking career!  

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