You'll learn from experienced speakers and thought leaders. You'll also hear from some of Ashley's clients who've taken her paid courses and "walked the talk", and they will show you what they did and how they did it. 

Who, What, and How...

Since this is a Speak Your Way to Cash event, of course you're going to learn the insider secrets in landing the big gigs.

  • WHO to Pitch

    There are thousands of corporations and organizations hiring live and virtual speakers in record numbers (even during a pandemic). There has NEVER been a larger demand for speakers from all industries on all topics.

  • WHAT to Pitch Them

    If you found your way to this page, then we're confident you already have the knowledge corporations and organizations will pay to hear. It's a matter of packaging and presenting. We'll help you craft that signature speech that organizations will pay to hear.

  • HOW to Pitch Them

    Putting together an irresistible offer is an art, and we'll unlock the secret to creating that perfect pitch. Stop pitching from a place of insecurity and start pitching with confidence!

This is the big breakthrough everyone leaves with. Successful paid speaking is as much about mindset as it is speaking chops. Over two days, you'll…

  • Believe in Your Speaking Self More Than Ever

    Many high achievers secretly suffer from self-doubt and/or imposter syndrome, and internally diminish their achievements. Relax, it's not only common, but it's completely false. Trust us, you're worth it, and well PROVE it!

  • Carry Yourself Like a Speaker

    Whether you're on stage, in front of the camera, or eating breakfast alone, you are a professional speaker at all times. You'll shift your mindset to the "pro" level, and keep it there!!

  • Make the Contacts

    Our live events are explosive networking opportunities. You will make new friends, secure valuable contacts, and walk (virtually) amongst peers and colleagues, all benefitting from a collaborative learning experience and confidence that is, quite frankly, life-changing

  • Access to an unrecorded session -  Ashley Unplugged - that will take place on-site! This session will be a no-recording, no-holds-barred session where Ashley can let her hair down and share some parts of her journey that she has not otherwise shared publicly! You will want to be in the room!

  • Preferred hot seat selection during the event. Meaning, Ashley will be able to coach you on growing your speaking business during one of the hot seat coaching segments of the event. VIP guests will be the preferred volunteers for this portion of the event. 

  • Bonus welcome gifts will be given to all VIP attendees!  

*All guests will have to follow our COVID protocols to attend. 





Ashley Kirkwood